New Website Launched for Blossom and Bloom Candle Co.

Blossom and Bloom owner Abby was looking for a website, and we were pleased to be able to offer a solution that would help to kick start her online store and new business venture into the world of e-commerce.

Abby wanted to sell her hand made eco soy wax products online and needed a website to act as the shop front and platform from which to sell her products.

After a few discussions, we arrived at a brief and provided a proposal for the new website. Over the next 2 months, the website gradually took shape, as Abby refined exactly what she wanted, and prepared the products she wanted to sell. Abby was very involved in the whole process, producing her own very professional photographs of her hand made products and all the written description for each one.

The result was a fully functioning homepage and e-commerce webstore, with payment integration built directly into the site using the Stripe payment gateway, making payments by visitors simple and secure.

This is the finished home page.

This is the main shop page, also can be shown in categories or “collections”.

The website features a bio page, privacy policies, terms and conditions and more!

The final site included several categories of product, each with a wide selection of products within each one – Abby has since been adding more products and categories, taking ownership of the e-commerce side of the site to give her full control of the products she sells, allowing her to edit them herself – changing details and adding new products as she widens her product range.

Thank you Abby for allowing us to be part of your journey – it’s been a real pleasure! We wish you every success.


JN Techservices

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