New Website for Shepherd School of Dance

It was a great pleasure to be asked to produce a website for Shepherd School of dance by founders Lisa and Natalie. They knew they wanted a website, but didn’t really know what they wanted!

So we discussed some ideas, a basic structure was proposed and it took shape from there. The website needed to be clean, professional looking, but not overly complicated and with a human and personal touch.

The opening hero image on the homepage

Lisa sent over countless photos of students and dance shows, and with a smattering of stock images to complement their own images, the site was built.

Class photos and stock images complement the site

Getting the children (and adults) to pose for some additional photos by Lisa was no mean feat (especially the adults, who were less than compliant!!) but the end result shows the spirit of the school, which is clearly built on fun and friendship.

The site features a photo gallery of countless images from shows and classes, together with contact and sign up forms, google maps for the school locations

Photo Gallery extract
Timetable and location map
Sign up form in the footer

We really wish Shepherd School of Dance all the best of luck with their future and hope that the new website is a great asset to them.

The finished website can be seen here:

If you have a requirement for a website, we would be pleased to hear from you – please contact us!

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