Free Website Promotion Ideas

Congratulations – you’ve taken the first big step and you have a nice shiny new website.  Now you need to tell the world.

These are just a few notes we have put together that may assist you in promoting your new website.

There are of course companies out there who specialise in SEO (Search engine optimisation) to help get traffic to your site when people search, but of course they take a fee for doing so.  There is a lot of promotion you can be doing yourself, for free, or very little cost, but it does take some of your time.

Firstly, promote the heck out of your website at every opportunity, social platforms, friends, stationary, invoices, word templates, decals on your vehicles, email signatures, business cards, etc.  

Send everyone you know a text or WhatsApp message, with a link to your new website, and ask them to share it to their network and on their social platforms too.

When you post on the social platforms, ask your friends to share it with their friends too, not just like your post – that’s great, but not so helpful – they need to share it!!

Set up LinkedIn account, like Facebook, for business.  

Also a new neighbourhood “Facebook-alike” is Nextdoor, which is quickly catching on – it is good for advertising your services locally on there and catching up on local news and information:

Keep creating Instagram and Facebook posts, follow others, promote your services on these platforms regularly.  Facebook and Instagram also run ad campaigns, for a small fee, if that is of interest.

Look at the competition – how do they promote their website / services? Do what they do, but better!

You could (and should) also sign up for Google Business Profile (formerly know as Google my Business):

We’d recommend adding a listing to as a minimum – replaces the old “Yellow Pages” we grew up with.  There are lots of other directories too, you may be on some already – listing is usually free, though they will try to sell you the paid up packages.  You can also ask customers to leave reviews on, by sending them a link from your Yell portal page – this helps build trust and reputation when people find your listing on Yell.

Some directories to consider:

Yell –

Cyclex – –

Bing –

Yelp –

My Local Services –

Touch Local –

iBegin –

Bizwiki –

Town Pages –

There are countless others you could try.  We can’t say for sure how well any of the above will work, but it may be worth a shot with some or all of them.

Maybe prepare a word document with some of your basic listing info (not forgetting your website address!) and then you can just copy and paste into each one directory listing sign up, to speed it up.  It’s a time consuming process, so perhaps do one or two a day.

Are there any groups, associations, or organisations you register with already, that you can add your website to, or ones that you could register with that are connected with your business or service?

Consider joining a local networking group – many are online so easy enough to participate and you can talk about your services on there.

You’ll probably have your own ideas too.  Anything that gets traffic to your site is a bonus.

Good luck with promoting your website, and let us know if any of this works well for you, or if you have any other ideas! We’ll add them to this post!

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Thanks for reading. 🙂

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