New Website for RedMill Supplies Ltd

It was great to get a recommendation from a family member to get in touch with RedMill Supplies Ltd as they needed a new website – their existing site was no longer representing what they did, and they wanted something bigger, better and up to date.

It was a pleasure to work with the business owner Ray, and together we discussed what was needed for the site – though with a pretty open design remit to create something that we felt would work well. One design brief was given – the company’s existing brand colours were to be retained if possible – red, white and black. Before long a first draft was ready and accepted as the way forward.

Ray worked with us on selecting the images that would work well on the site and the collaboration on this project was excellent. A few evening calls along the way, and the end result was one that the client was happy with and is now proud to show his customers.

The site has been designed to allow future growth as Redmill Supplies add more products and services to their portfolio, without needing a major overhaul to the website. – additional product categories can easily be added to the products carousel:

Product Sliding Carousel

The website features a popup menu with newsletter signup:

And a customer contact form to allow prospective customers to make an enquiry:

We really wish Redmill Supplies all the best of luck with their future business and hope that the new website is a great asset to them.

The finished website can be seen here:

If you have a requirement for a website, we would be pleased to hear from you – please contact us!

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