New Website for Soul-Tranquility

We were delighted to be approached by Anita who required web design services for  a new website to support her new business venture.

Anita had already obtained the domain name and had mapped out some ideas for a website.

Anita Sharma – Reiki Master

As a Reiki master, Anita was looking for a platform that would become her internet presence and showcase her services for one-to-one, group and remote healing sessions, including sessions for larger corporate groups and children.

Anita contributed greatly to the design of the site, providing all the worded narrative and stunning photographic images that really complement the colour scheme and attribute a calm feeling to the website – clear and calm was one of the criteria that she was looking for, as can be seen in the homepage main image below.

Quality Images were used throughout the site, as can be seen on the home page and throughout the site.

Anita was also able to provide some great testimonials from previous clients, attributing some great comments that show Anita’s professionalism.

Example testimonial comment from a satisfied Client.

A “Booking Form” and “Waiver form” were a requirement of the website structure and allow new and existing customers to make session bookings with Anita.

Waiver form, divided into 3 steps to make the form less daunting for the user.

All landscape images copyright and courtesy of Ambika Lakhanpal.

We wish Anita every success with her venture and hope her website brings many new Clients.

Please check out the website here:

JN Techservices

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